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Our mission is for parents to enjoy their evening out! Leave the tablet and babysitter behind. Get to know your kiddos with our Table Talk while you wait for your food, let them explore the educational STEM based toys while you actually eat a warm meal, let them engage in independent play while you have an adult conversation or watch the big game.

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As parents of toddlers, we were tired of spending money on a nice evening out, but having to rush the meal to either get back to a sitter on the clock, or to avoid a meltdown. Crayons and sugar packets weren’t cutting it, and the guilt of the screen time sunk too deep – something had to be done! We started creating our own busy bags, and realized the availability of these activities right at the restaurant was the key – and The Bizzy Bag was born! 


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Now, The Bizzy Bag has grown to be used anywhere kids need to be busy - car dealership, doctors offices, church, hotels - sky is the limit (and we're even in airplanes too!)

Now, let's Get Bizzy!

Heather & Lauren



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